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SK Electronic is the first design branch established by KD Group in 2005 in China.For more than 30 years since its founding in 1980,KD electronics of Japan has been advancing with the times, specializing in technologies and applications related to PCB design,since its establishment, SK Electronic has received comprehensive training and guidance from the Japan Headquarters, adhering to the 30+ years old technical concept of KD Electronics Industry.

With many years of design experience, we have deep Layout knowledge and are familiar with various software ZukenCR5000, Mentor, Allegro, Pads, ProtelAD, etc.

From SI / EMC analysis in the early stage, Layout / Gerber design in the middle stage, to ET/ MP production in the later stage;

From single-sided,double sided to multi-layers, HDI, blind buried hole, high frequency and high speed, high density BGA design and other special requirements can be met.

The product category also involves all industries, such as automotive electronics, aviation equipment, medical accessories, consumer digital, industrial control, etc.  Over the years, we have been committed to working with customers to study optimization solutions, providing customers with three-prong high quality products (high quality, high efficiency, and high cost performance) to solve problems for customers.

Our team goal is to build a perfect upstream and downstream PCB Technology Chain with customers!


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